"I don’t have
an ear for music
and when
I dance
I seem to
move to my
own drummer,

out of sync
with the music."
three photographs of laughing katharina dressed as pumpkinfest parade queen in 2012

Pumpkinfest Parade Queen 2012


I love small town parades. They are all inclusive.

If you show up at the starting point you can be in the parade. Any effort to comply with the theme is enthusiastically greeted. So I had no hesitation when I decided to be in the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest parade.

Originally, I had planned to be a pumpkin; however after numerous Web searches I realized being a pumpkin meant I could not get into a car, sit in a chair, or lower my arms. Scratch being a pumpkin. I would rather wear a fancy dress.   So the costume evolved,

which turned the concept into my being the self-appointed Pumpkin Queen. I had so much fun making the costume I forgot I would actually have to wear it.

Just before the parade began, I was a wreck. What had I been thinking? Luckily, I was bolstered by a friend, who said, "Just go out and have a good time." And so I did.

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