"An artist
learns to see;
to truly pay
to every detail.

It is something
most of us rarely do."


Being creative has always been a part of my life.

As a child I loved to make things. My graphic design education started at Miami-Dade Community College and continued as I worked my way up through the major advertising and design studios in Miami, Florida. In 1980 I opened Drexel & Ives and built it to be one of the leading graphic design studios in Miami.
It was not until 1993 when I moved to Maine that I was able to pursue my interest in fine art. In 1999 I was part of the Artists of Friendship show at Maine Coast Artists in Rockport. This marked the start of my fine art career. Painting and teaching art then became the focus of my life in Maine.


My passion is figuring out how to make things work!

For me this is the creative process. What makes a painting work or not work? What two colors when placed next to each other sing? What beautiful thing can I make out of a melted piece of plastic? Could I design a room full of furniture made out of cardboard? I can get excited about a textured piece of paper. Oh the possibilities. My mind works overtime on all these creative problems. The solutions are my triumph, my joy.



"I can’t
imagine life
without a dog."