"When I was a child,
my mother and I
would look in
store windows and
she would say,
"You can make that."
She would take
out a scrap of paper
and do a simple
drawing of the item,
usually clothing.
If it could be
sewn, glued or
I could have it."


I never leave the house
without a bag full of "Stuff."

My errands seemingly involve moving things from one location to another, so bags are a must. When my sister, Christina, gave me Alisa Burke's book, I was inspired to revamp many of my old canvas bags. I soon became a woman possessed and started making bags from light weight gessoed canvas. I painted, sponged, dripped, and stamped bags. This obsession became a labor of love as I made bags for my friends. Now their "Stuff" can travel in Katharina Originals.


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