I began painting flowers when
I planted a cutting garden.

It was weeding that was my inspiration to paint large, bold, often single blossoms. While on my knees, determined to get the better of a dandelion, I came eye to eye with flowers. I saw shapes I had previously not fully appreciated. These petal shapes are now the foundation of my flower compositions. It is a subject with endless possibilities. I now can’t see the garden for the blooms.

  thumbnail of bold closeup of yellow parrot tulip with red accents, called Dressed for the Prom, click to see larger thumbnail of bold closeup of amaryllis petals and stamens in reds and creams called Flirtation, click to see larger thumbnail of fuchsia petals in pink and red, called Pink Petticoats, click to view larger thumbnail of sunflower petals and centers, called First Blush, click to view larger click to view larger White Tulip
Oil on Canvas